About Us

SEOPPC DIGITAL was founded by Rajarshi (“Raja” aka “Raj”) Chakraborty in 2012 with the goal of making his customer’s Internet marketing hyper-successful. Originally based in the city of Jalpaiguri in India, we have grown and opened an office in Chelmsford in the UK to serve a wider range of clients.

We know there are no shortcuts to digital marketing success and that is why we only use White Hat SEO methods such as:

  • Proper keyword research
  • Writing quality content
  • Refining internal website links and website organization
  • Creating quality inbound links

Digital marketing services have become commoditized, but what cannot be commoditized is our values and people.

Unlike our rivals we understand that the key to digital success is a focus on making your website and all your digital content more accessible to people. We know you will agree with us that this is a brilliant paradox – technology is the judge and jury of website ranking but it does that by assessing the usefulness of a website to its worldwide human audience. Designing for people first will always give the best results.

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