SEO for e-commerce sites

Why invest in our E-commerce SEO Services?

An E-commerce portal is different from a website and so are the SEO strategies it should use. E-commerce SEO is more complicated and operates in a unique framework that adheres to a distinct set of practices. However the fundamentals remain the same as used in general SEO i.e. publishing great content, maintaining a social media presence, earning quality links and so on. But as well as these building blocks, there is more to it - most importantly; one needs to pursue specific strategies which are applicable only on e-commerce websites.

Most e-commerce sites neglect SEO and the predictable outcome is that the site never gets to the top of the Search rankings and so misses out on valuable traffic. One should understand that the key elements of SEO are just as important to an E-commerce site as to any other website. Of course the exact rules of SEO are different for an e-commerce site but the SEO foundation must be in place. Get this right and SEO for e-commerce can greatly enhance the visibility of the website and help to generate traffic.

Before you start looking for SEO services for your e-commerce portal, you should get a clear picture of how you can benefit when combining e-commerce and SEO. Since the motive of an e-commerce website is to sell products or services directly online, the website needs to be maintained and designed in such a way that visitors can find all the information they need to decide to buy, without taking up your time or that of your sales staff.

The three primary areas which are key to optimizing your site are:

Keywords Search

This is to make sure that customers find keywords for your homepage and product pages and avoid keyword cannibalization – this is a form of duplication that wastes valuable keywords.

Competitor Research

Do you know which keywords your competitors are going for? Can you identify where they are getting links? Do you understand their site architecture? What strategy do we need to follow to differentiate your website and make it stand out?

Identifying and fixing current problems such as site errors and optimizing website speed.

So - keep these things in mind but remember that general SEO good practice remains the same for any e-commerce site.

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