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Do you want to dominate your local market? If you answered "YES" then optimizing your website for Local Search is a must. It is especially important nowadays, when so many people browse for local goods and services using their Smartphones and Tablets, that your website is not only optimized for Local Search but is mobile friendly. This means that when your potential customers are out and about they can search for your business on their phones and your website will be displayed correctly on a mobile screen.

How big is the Local Search opportunity? Google has said recently that one in three mobile queries in the USA is a local search. This is a massive opportunity by any standard. This does not mean that the old ways of advertising such as leafleting or Yellow Pages have no part to play at all but a digital approach will be cheaper and give a better return on your investment.

For start-ups and small businesses especially, Local Search can prove very helpful. You can focus on the city you’re located in or the areas you are interested in. You don’t spend a single penny more on the areas you are unsure of.

Generally SEO services are more focused on improving your overall website ranking and position in major search engines. Area specifications are not taken into account. Many local businesses that focus on the larger picture generally tend to overlook their local buyers .In doing so they lose both in the wider market and the local market too. But if you want to concentrate on finding local customers, we suggest Local Search Optimization.

To strengthen your website visibility in local business listings, our consultants usually will look at the following information about your business - the city/area in which you wish to target your efforts; the street address; city name, postal code, geographic coordinates like latitude and longitude, and so on. Your geographic location is the most important aspect to increase site visibility in Local Search - When your customer searches with a particular keyword, a business category, or the name of a consumer product, they will easily find you. The expert team at SEOPPC DIGITAL will research this for you until you are happy with the results. The team will also test and evaluate different keywords to improve your search engine ranking position.

Always remember there are customers in your area looking for the services and products you sell. All you have to do is make sure your business is the first one they see when they search on their phones or their PCs. We’ll ensure that happens every time.

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