Pay Per Click (Google AdWords)

It is human nature to want immediate results when you spend money on advertising, and it is difficult to remain patient during the painstaking process of improving your website’s ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If this sounds familiar it is time to consider our PPC (Pay per Click) Management Service. With PPC your website can be seen by your prospective customers at the top of the Google search results page from the very next day.

Our SEO expert that optimizes your website will ensure you receive the best possible results on your ROI, with a guaranteed top position on the Google search results page. But besides a high rank on the results page, you can also greatly increase relevant targeted traffic to your website, and maximize your lead generation, by complementing SEO with a PPC campaign managed by our Google certified PPC experts.

As your dedicated PPC Management Support team we will:

  • Closely monitor your campaign; keeping you informed of any changes you need to make and adapting the campaign accordingly.
  • Use relevant tools to find the most popular keywords that will work best for your campaign and send visitors to your website.
  • Add negative keywords to discard all irrelevant traffic which will never convert.
  • Run Split Test ad copies to ensure improvement of the Click Through Rate (CTR), thereby lowering the Cost Per Click (CPC).
  • Use re-marketing techniques to bring back those visitors that have a possibility of conversion.
  • Optimize bids to get the best value from investments.
  • Provide regular weekly or monthly reports, so that you always remain informed about the performance of your account.

At SEOPPC DIGITAL we ensure that every penny you invest in PPC gives you the best possible return. Since a PPC campaigns is mostly about highly targeted online advertisements, we have a dedicated team who will research your target market’s demographics, looking at such factors as their location, age, areas of interest and so on. The end result for you is a profitable return on your investment in PPC.

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